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REIKI 1 WORKSHOP -  Monday 12 September 2016

                                        Saturday 1 October 2016


REIKI 2 WORKSHOP -   Saturday 22 October 2016  


REIKI MASTER/TEACHER WORKSHOP - Saturday 19 November 2016


Reiki Refresher workshops available

If you have been attuned to Reiki and would like to attend one

of the workshops a discount will be given


I regular have one day workshops - Please contact me for dates





Reiki 1 Workshop 

If you are looking for personal development this is

a good place to start.  Reiki 1 is about the SELF and

you may discover that once you are attuned you

find an inner peace or maybe a shift in awareness.

This can also be the first step in helping others.


Course work: Reiki overview



- Attunement  (initiations/activations)

- What is Reiki

- What is an attunement

- What happens after attunement

- How does Reiki work

- The History of Reiki

- The Reiki Principals and what they mean

- The three levels of Reiki (1, 2 and Master/Teacher)

- What are Chakras and how do they affect your body

- What are Meridians and how they affect your body

- How to clear your Aura

- During the workshop you wil learn how to meditate -

  to help you relax and also clear your Chakras

- How to ground yourself and stop others taking your energies

- Reiki ethics

- Hand positions for giving a self treatment

- Hand positions for treating someone else

- Hints and tips to make your Reiki energies stronger

Affirmations and Positive Thinking - How they help you

- Reiki 1 Manual

- Receive Reiki I Practitioner Certificate

  Continual support with your Reiki journey

This is a one day workshop plus you will be asked to

return for one evening 6/8 weeks after your attunement



 PRICE £100 

Lunch and drinks provided.                 






Reiki 2 Workshop


Course work: - Reiki 2 attunement


- Learn how and when to use the 3 Reiki symbols

- Learn to draw the 3 Reiki Symbols

- Reiki beyond time & space (sending to past & future)

- Practical Reiki 2 techniques (western & traditional)

- Meditation exercises. Balancing your Chakras

- Working with a Crystal dowser/pendulum.

- Five line clearing.

- Balancing the Chakras whilst giving treatment

- Scanning

- Self-purification exercises

- Information abour Reiki Code of Ethics & Insurance

- Keeping clients records

Reiki 2 manual

- Receive Reiki 2 Practitioner Certificate

  and ongoing support



Lunch and drinks are provided  

(£20 off this workshop if you have been attuned to Reiki 1 with me)





Reiki Master/Teacher


Course Work


- Master/Teacher Attunement

- The Master Symbol

- How to attune students in Reiki 1, 2 and Master/Teacher

- Further Meditations

- Self Development

- Heart Healing

- You will learn to be guided by your intuition

- Master/Teacher Manual

- Master/Teacher Certificate

- Continual support if needed



  £250  Please bring a packed lunch. Drinks & Snacks provided

 (£20 off  this workshop if you have taken Reiki 2 Attunement with me)


I do not charge an extra £250 to learn the new Reiki Masters how to attune and pass on the Reiki.    Extra classes at no cost teaching how to pass on and attune others to the Reiki Energy are available as well as any help you might need setting up your own workshops.  You will also have my continued support in your journeyxx










If you would like more information, please contact Irene  - Tel 0161 336 2912



If you are interested in Distant Reiki Attunement - please look at -

Distant Attunement page for more details.