The name “Reiki” derives from a 2 part Japanese character which translates roughly as “Universal Life Force”. This is the unseen energy which fills the universe and animates all living things. It is the same energy which flows through the energy conduits (Meridians) of the body. It is a form of hands on healing which balances, harmonizes and restores energy to our mind, body and spirit. Without it nothing could grow or heal.


 Applying Reiki to the body is a gentle but powerful way to support and enhance the life force energy in any living thing and is a useful aid to healing both physical and emotional problems. It is suitable for any age group and all states of health. Reiki cannot be used to do harm. It is non-denominational, non-religious and available to all age groups and states of health.


Reiki also has a gentle philosophy which acts to reduce stress and tension in life. Many people who use Reiki find that, with time, this philosophy profoundly alters how they view themselves and the world.



How is Reiki given?


A full treatment is given with the recipient lying fully clothed except for shoes on a couch or sitting in a chair. It is usually a hands-on treatment with the therapist lightly places her hands in various positions from the head down on the body to transmit the Reiki energy. Physically and emotionally this can release blocked areas and toxins, cleansing the body. It is a safe and relaxing natural method of treating many health problems as Reiki can be given to all.


It is not intrusive or in any way embarrassing and most people enjoy the contact. When receiving Reiki you will feel pleasant warmth or tingling in the area being treated. Most people easily relax deeply feeling a release of tension and anxiety which allows healing to begin. In this state of deep relaxation the healing systems of the body are free to make whatever adjustments are necessary to improve health. Some people fall asleep during treatment and awake fully refreshed and revitalised. Psychologically 20 minutes of treatment is equal to one and half hours deep sleep. Reiki can help anyone – you do not have to be ill to benefit from its calming and relaxing effect.


Can anyone learn Reiki?


The ability to channel Reiki cannot be learnt from a book or by instruction. To be able to receive Reiki, students go through a special initiation, which 'attunes' them to the Reiki energy. Over time this connection is improved through practice, and by actually using the Reiki energy on themselves - typically known as 'self treatment'. It is considered essential to treat oneself with Reiki, and indeed many people use it exclusively for reasons of personal development, healthcare and stress-management.


An initiation/attunement can only be performed by a Reiki Master (teacher). It is felt that this process harmonises a person with the Reiki energy so they can receive and pass it on to others. This process is not exclusive; anyone can be attuned/initiated to Reiki regardless of his or her spiritual or religious beliefs. Additional stages of attunements/initiations and the use of the Reiki symbols, further enhance the practitioner's ability to utilise the Reiki energy, focusing it for specific purposes. We have one day workshops where you can be attuned to Reiki First Degree enabling you to treat yourself.


Reiki Levels


1st Degree Reiki - Non Practitioner level - qualifies student to give treatment to family, friends and self.


2nd Degree Reiki - Practitioner level - qualifies student to work with general public. Practitioner must hold

                            relevant insurance.


3rd Degree Reiki - Master/Teacher - has reached Master Level and is qualified to teach.


You can also have Distant Reiki Attunements


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