Price List            





Angel Healing                                                                             £30 


Angel Card Reading                                                                   £25


Channelled Messages                                                                £15


Crystal Healing                                                                           £30


Daoyin Tao                                                                                 £30


Indian Head Massage                                                                £28


Reflexology       ONE HOUR                                                      £30

                          HALF HOUR                                                    £20



Reiki Healing     ONE HOUR                                                      £30

                           HALF HOUR                                                    £20


(Crystals will be used. Chakra Balancing

and Aura Clearing will be included with

your Reiki healing)


Tarot Card Reading                                                                    £25





Aromatherapy Back Neck & Shoulder Massage                      


                             ONE HOUR                                                  £30

                             HALF HOUR                                                 £18



Hot Stone Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

 (This can by a relaxing massage if you wish

    or if you have problems areas in your Back or Neck 

    I can work deeper to release the aches

    and pains )                                  

                          ONE HOUR                                                     £35

                          HALF HOUR                                                    £20 



Emotional Freedom Technique /

Deep State RePatterning

Are you stressed or very anxious?

Is your self esteem low and you do

not feel confident? 

This treatment helps you move on from

life trauma's and emotional baggage

that wears you down.                                                £50 per session -

Your session will end with some healing.

These sessions last about 2 hours.









If you would like more information or have any queries or questions please contact Irene







Reiki Attunements


       Reiki 1    £100    

                                    Reiki 2    £120         

Reiki Master/Teacher £250


If you have taken your Reiki 1 or (and) Reiki 2 attunements with me 

you will receive £20 discount on your next attunement.


If you take your Reiki Master/Teacher with me I do not charge extra to teach

you how to pass on/give the Reiki Attunements


Angel Workshops & Attunements

from £45







Choose the  treatments that you would like - contact me and I will give you a special offer price for the package you wish 



If you have any queries or would like more information, please contact me


I will be glad to help.



Irene  - 0161 336 2912                           

mobile: 07960 970906

e mail: