Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment, which combines holistic


massage with the use of water-heated smooth basalt stones and cold stones


to release physical tension, improve circulation and flush toxins from the body.


Using the contrast of hot and cold stones stimulates the blood vessels to


dilate in the tissues, perfusing them with fresh blood & nutrients, which are


essential for healing to occur. Also this encourages increased drainage from


the tissues of the waste products of metabolism, therefore reducing the toxic


load on the tissues.                                        


Using the hot stones relaxes the muscles and connective tissues, so reduces


tension on the joints. This effect also allows for deeper massage manipulation


of the soft tissues and eliminates any therapeutic discomfort that may occur


from the remedial massage alone. This approach is usually found to be


deeply relaxing and very comforting.            


With the vascular stimulation of blood supply - hot stone massage assists


every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients while increasing


blood and lymphatic drainage to help the elimination of toxins.


The cold stones help to reduce inflammation, refresh, invigorate and


decongest. They stimulate the nervous system and when used with the hot


stones, they create a cleansing effect in the body.


Hot Stone Massage is usually found beneficial for:


• Stress & Stress Related Problems

• Fatigue - chronic fatigue (long term) & acute (short term)

• Poor Circulation

• Detoxification

• Pain Relief

• PMT - premenstrual tension

• Arthritis - joint inflammation


Crystals or Reiki can be used and incorporated into the treatment to restore harmony, balance and vitality.


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