If you have found your way to this page you have been guided by your Angels.  A few years ago I like yourself was looking for guidance and wished to find out more about the Angelic realms.  This put me on a quest to find out as much as I could through reading spiritual books, using  search engines and also attending workshops and courses enabling myself to meet like minded people. 


We are now at a time when the Angelic Kingdom are wishing to reach more people and help them raise their vibrational energy. People are opening their hearts to the wonderful energies of the Angels.


When we learn to be open to the Angels our life changes for the good and we feel more at peace with ourselves. One of the first things that I did learn was that our Angels have to wait to be asked before they can help us - so basically the first thing we need to do is communicate with our Angels by asking and telling them what we want - and of course always THANKING them. Like everything else in life if you give with gratitude you are more open to receiving!




 As we communicate with our angels and offer to work with them we built up a means that allows them to reach and help us. We all have a Guardian Angel who has been with us since before we were born.

Call on your Guardian Angel and ask to be guided to meet people that will help you for your highest good.





Do not be surprised if you start finding white feathers - once you start communicating with the Angels this is one of their ways of letting you

know that they are with you.  The first time it happened to me I had just completely a course in Manchester and was walking through town when I noticed just above me a feather floated very slowly down - I put my hand out and caught it.  Another way of telling that there are Angels around you is a feeling of peace and happiness that surrounds you.





Everytime that you think or talk to your Angels you are drawing some of their energy into your Aura and making it more radiant.


Why not invite the Angels into your home - You can make a small altar

- with a candle  - a flower - a crystal - an object or statue  - music - nag champa or any incense that you like.  If you do not have the room for this all you need is a candle that you can light  and the Angels will come.


Good Luck in your quest - remember -you might think that your Angels are not communicating with you as you think you cannot hear them - have no worries they are communicating with you - either in your dreams or through things that will come into your life that you might think are coincidences.


If you would like any information or if I can help you in your journey in anyway I would be pleased to hear from you.





Love Light & Blessings












Healing Heart Angels

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