Deep State RePatterning is a deep and profound


method of healing. It is an advanced approach using


Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) also


Nuero-Linguistic Programming(NLP),


Inner Child work and Soul Retrieval.


It get's to the deepest root causes of your problems -


The Emotional and Belief Patterns that hold you back.


These problems could be from :


Past Life, Ancestral problems, Pre-birth, Birth or during this Life.


Deep State RePatterning identified the points in time connected to the current problem you are having.



This moves Emotions and Patterns much quicker and without the feelings of emotions attached.


It makes changes to your thought patterns -


(things which hold us all back) - in a very short space of time.



"I just wanted to say a huge "Thank You" for the past life EFT (De State RePatterning) today.

 It was as you said quite "mind blowing".

There were issues there that I thought I had dealt with long ago, (obviously not!) but it was

the issues that came as a complete surprise to me, events from past life's that I had never encountered before, but once they came up and we worked through them it made so much sense as to why I was experiencing certain things in this life.

I can't stop going over it in my mind it completely blew me away. I will definitely be recommending my friends and family pay you a visit. Thanks again."    C. C.



"Thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and cannot believe what an impact it has had on me."





If you would like more information or have any queries please contact Irene

Tel :0161 336 2912 or email: