THE CHAKRAS                                      


The functional quality of our chakras is dictated by the decisions we make regarding how we think and the way we respond to what we feel.


Chakras are non-physical in the sense that many people are unable to perceive them with their physical eyes. They are rapidly vibrating vortexes of light and elements of consciousness that interface with our energy bodies and are integral parts of our etheric field. Each chakra vibrates to a specific colour and musical note.


Chakras vibrate slightly slower than the aura, but more rapidly than the energy of the physical body, thus they are more dense, or ethereal than the aura, and more ethereal or less dense than the physical body.


It is through the endocrine and nervous systems that our chakras "communicate" with our physical body.


Each of the seven basic chakras influences the condition of one of the seven endocrine glands, and also with a grouping of nerves known as the plexus. The plexus is divided into three subgroups, the lower, middle and upper nerve plexus.


The lower nerve plexus communicates directly to our reproductive organs.


The middle nerve plexus located in the area of the solar plexus chakra controls the functioning of our heart and lungs.


The upper nerve plexus in the brain is the source of all our cognitive abilities as well as our endocrine, neural, and muscular functions.


Therefore, each chakra can be related with specific parts of the body and the functions which are controlled by the associated plexus or endocrine gland.


Each chakra also interfaces with our mental and emotional body, and affects how we think, feel and act.






There are seven major energy centres called chakras in the human body, beginning at the base of the spine and travelling to the crown of the head. Each centre has an individual vibration or energy, is associated with certain emotions, plays a part in our spiritual development, and governs certain physical organs and systems. As we mature, we all experience the energies and emotions of the various chakras. We can not go through this process, participating in either the "light" side or the "dark" side of life. Certain actions help us plug into the power inherent in each chakra, and that is what I'm sharing here.


1) STAY CONNECTED – first chakra – base of spine- colour red – element earth – associated with survival

The first chakra contains tribal energy, the feelings we have when we sing the National Anthem, attend religious ceremonies or root for our sports team. Our choice is either to play victim and suffer or take responsibility and become empowered. When we fear for our survival, bonding on a national level by giving blood, making donations, flying the flag, and supporting the president helps regain our power.

Our daily choices DO affect our physical environment. We are all connected, and our every thought, word and intention affect each other - whether it's as a member of a family or as a nation of the world. We can cultivate this connection by walking outdoors, strolling barefoot on the beach, swimming, camping or gardening. The nurturing and healing energies of Mother Nature fills our need for logic, order and structure, keeps us grounded, and helps us take personal responsibility to consciously create a new world.


2) HONOUR ONE ANOTHER – second chakra – sacral/ lower abdomen - colour orange – element water – associated with emotional and sexuality

Second chakra energy places us in a power struggle on a grand scale. Knowing our options, we struggle with our choices. Does part of us agree with death and destruction when it is "needed" and part of us ache for peace? On a personal level, do we use money, sex or power to control others? Or do we walk a mile in someone's shoes before judging them and demanding justice? We honour the divinity in one another by cultivating our relationships, spending more time with people who matter to us, playing with our children and our pets, giving up the need to control and letting ourselves enjoy each relationship.


3) HONOUR YOURSELF – third chakra - solar plexus – colour yellow – element fire - associated with self esteem and personal power

The energy of the third chakra challenges us to stay centred in our personal power even when we fear rejection and criticism. Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela followed their principles, acted with dignity and maintained their faith. The courage to take risks and generate action comes from a high level of self-esteem, self-respect and self-discipline. This crisis is a perfect opportunity to develop this part of ourselves.

Any kind of sports, weight training, yoga or energy work such as Tai Chi is empowering. Pamper yourself to a bath or a massage and nourish yourself with the proper diet. The Louise Hay exercise of looking into one's eyes in a mirror and repeating affirmations such as "I love myself exactly the way I am right now" develops self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, you are more focused, more energetic and more powerful.



4) LOVE IS DIVINE POWER – fourth chakra – heart chakra – colour green – element air – associated with love

The heart chakra is the centre of our emotional power and is the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. We are both attracted to and intimidated by the most powerful energy we know: love. Do we feel heartache, anger or hatred, unable to forgive others as well as ourselves? Are we afraid of our emotions or can we recognize them as part of being human? As we practice forgiveness, compassion and trust in a Divine plan we experience the power of unconditional love.

Living in appreciation and gratitude helps us forgive and let go. Think of at least three things you are thankful for each day and express that gratitude in prayer. We vitalize the heart energy by doing something we really love such as watching a sunset, calling someone we miss, watching a good romance film or taking a weekend vacation. The more we feel and share love, the more natural it becomes and the less real fear appears. The choice of love or fear is in our faces right now on a personal and global level, and I vote for love!



5) RELEASE YOUR WILL TO DIVINE WILL – fifth chakra – throat – colour blue – element sound - associated with communication and creativity

We have a choice between fearing the will of God (a real knockout of a tribal belief) or believing in a Divine purpose in the fifth chakra. True power comes from aligning ourselves to Divine will. We must be honest with and forgive ourselves. The courage to release judgement and stand by our choices along with the wisdom to recognize and accept what we can't change comes from this energy centre.

Communication of any kind activates this chakra. Words, images and actions have power — we are always sending messages either verbally or non-verbally. Creative endeavours, singing, humming, chanting, reading aloud, or telling a story helps us to stand in our integrity, honour our inner voice and speak from the heart.


6) SEEK ONLY THE TRUTH – sixth chakra – third eye/centre of forehead – colour indigo – element light – associated with clairvoyance intuition and imagination

The third eye, or sixth chakra, invites us to detach from the physical world and seek only the truth. Spiritually, we learn to let go of how we think things should be and embrace the way they are. Connect with the Divine by reading spiritually uplifting books. Meditate and learn to quiet any mind chatter to develop intuition. In stressful situations, step back, take a deep breath, and become aware of the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. Look past any drama, quiet fear driven voices and search for the symbolic meaning.


7) LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT – seventh chakra – crown/top of head – colour violet – element thought – associated with knowledge understanding and transcendent consciousness

The seventh, or crown chakra is our connection to spiritual energy. Perhaps lately we've felt depressed or spiritually abandoned. Prayer and meditation helps us transcend ordinary human fears about past or future events and allows us to keep our energy in the present moment. This may be the biggest lesson we can learn and the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others: keeping our power in the here and now and sharing it with those we love. This is an opportunity to grow spiritually on a personal, cultural and planetary level. Express love in every moment, share the gift of human life, and experience the connection we have with one another.


By Gwenn Bonnell  -