The Angel Oracle cards that I use for readings are called -


Ask an Angel by Toni Carmine Salerno & Carisa Mellado.  


They only have one line of wording on them and all have a


beautiful picture.   The Angels will pick what ever card(s) they


know is relevant for you at this time 


They will then give me (channel ) the relevant messages, which will only


relate to you.



You can make an appointment to come and have your


Angel card reading or as you do not have to be physically present


to receive this,  I can send your reading to you by email.


All I need from you is your birth name and the Angels will pick your


cards and channel there messages to me for your highest good. 


                                                                    Love & Blessings Irene xx    



 £25 per reading.    



                                                                 It is now possible to purchase Gift Vouchers  

                                                                redeemable as part or full payment for any

                                                                Healing, Channelling or Reading.

                                                                Please go to the Gift Vouchers page.      


If you would like more information, please ring or email, I will be glad to help.