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I studies Holistic Therapies for two years at Tameside College and qualifying in 2002. From there I set up my own practice at home where I continue to build on my skills. I have continued with my studies and  personal development in the holistic, healing and spiritual field and have gathered  a wealth of experience and working knowledge.


Did you know that you are continually talking to yourself. The mind is constantly chattering away - it never stops thinking. I have been told that we have

between 55,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day.  98% are the exact same thoughts as we had yesterday!

The worst thing is that most of these thoughts - about 80% are negative. Unfortunately most of us are being controlled by our thoughts, thinking that we are not good enough or we find it hard to accept ourselves exactly as we are.


Sometimes our emotions keep us stuck and these past traumas keep coming back into our thoughts, keeping us from moving on with our life. These negative emotions hold us back,  but with a little help you can     change your way of thinking and take control of your life.    By learning how to make these changes and leaving the past behind you can feel so much happier and in control. You can learn how to do this using  

Emotional Freedom Technique and Deep State Repatterning. These treatments use acupressure           (no needles are used) to release emotions, trauma,      pain or physical issued that you are living with.  


Do you want to Take Control of Your Life and Thoughts to make and feel the changes you have always wanted.  I work on a one to one basis for your session and apart from receiving EFT and Deep State RePatterning   I will also teach you how to use different healing modities to control and move on in your life.  Each session is about two hours and my charges are very resonable as I wish to make this treatment available to everyone.


I am also a Certified Angel Healer and have also been attuned to Usui and Karuna Reiki as well as other 

types of Reiki and Angel Healings.  


We are now in a time when the Angels are communicating with more people on Earth raising people's vibration and strengthening their connecting with the Angelic Realm. The Angels are making it much easier for people to connect to them.       If you feel you would like help with your spiritual

growth and I can help, please contact me as I will be more than willing to assist you in anyway I can.


I have achieved diploma status with the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies (IIHHT) and      I  am also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).


I am also fully covered for insurance purposes and you be can assured of patient confidentiality.


I became a practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique in March 2005 and in June 2009 became a Deep State Repatterning Energy Practitioner which has been described as a deep and profound therapy as it works so quickly without the client feeling the emotions attached.


Thank you for visiting my website and if you have any queries or questions regarding any of the treatments

I practise or would like more information please contact me I would be very pleased to hear from you.


If  you knows of someone who is ill or in need of some healing for any reason, please email or contact me with – their name and where they live.  They will be put on my healing and prayers list and sent distant healing.

Love Light Blessings & Gratitude



Holistic Therapist.  Certified Angel Healer.  Reiki Master.

EFT & Deep State Re-Patterning Practitioner 









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       Treatments Available:



       Angel Healing

       Angel Card Readings

       Channelled Messages from the Angels

       Distant Angel Healing




       Daoyin Tao

       Indian Head Massage

       Reiki Healing

       Distant Reiki Healiing

       Crystal Healing

       Chakra Cleansing

       Five Line Clearing

,,,,,,,Aromatherapy Massage

,,,,,,,Remedial Massage

,,,,,,,Therapeutic Massage

       Aromatherapy Facial Massage

       Emotion Freedom Technique

       Deep State Repatterning

       Stress Management Sessions



       Certified Angel Healer Course

       Angel Attunement Workshops

       Reiki Attunement Workshops

       Distant Reiki Attunements

       Distant Angel Attunements

       Taking Control of your Life

       How to De-Stress

       Self Esteem & Accepting Yourself









Meditation Classes


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